Throw off those shoes

This one is from Earth Runners. This is a company I support and have a pair of their sandals.

"There are a total of 28 bones in the foot (including 2 sesamoid). You multiply that by 2 and you have a total of 56 bones. We also have 33 joints and more than a hundred muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the foot. Our feet are meant to be supple and mobile, able to adapt to a variety of different environments and terrain: flat, steep, uneven, etc. The spaces between the bones of our feet are very important. Without sufficient space our feet will lose their suppleness. A compressed foot is not a happy foot. 27.2% of our bones are located in our feet. If over 27% of our bones are not moving while we walk, squat, lunge, lift, and run, then something else needs to move upstream. What has to compensate? Only time will tell. [When we] start noticing our knees, hips, back, and neck all of a sudden begin to ache and hurt, [will we blame our feet and footwear?] . When we look at the foot of a baby or young child the toes are nicely splayed out. This foot is optimal for balance and walking. In certain parts of the world where people either still go barefoot majority of the time or barefoot 100% their feet widen out like a fan from heel to toes. So what happened? . In modern society, fashion has decided to prize beauty over function, and most shoes created are not designed for optimal function, or comfort for that matter. Heel lifts (not only for high heels, look at any pair of men's dress shoes), arch support (which causes weaker natural arches), and fashionable "narrow" toed shoes that deform the feet. Over time we become weak-footed, lose our suppleness, and the shape of our foot changes. What's the solution? Take your shoes off, let your feet breathe, and go barefoot more often. Challenge your feet by walking on uneven surfaces and different terrains. Mobilize the foot with a [tennis or] lacrosse ball and strengthen them !!! [If you don't like being barefoot, get a pair of barefoot-inspired shoes that allow your toes to splay and feet to work unsupported.]"

So what are you going to do? Got questions? Comments? Let me know.

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