Showering is more than skin deep

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Have you ever wondered how showering affects your health? Well I have, and you should too. While the skin is an amazing barrier to the outside world, it doesn't protect us from everything. It is porous and allows certain things to pass through and get into your internal system. For instance, if you put coconut oil on your skin what happens? Have you noticed that after a few minutes your skin is no longer slick with oil? Where does it go? It gets absorbed by the skin and it is the absorption of those nutrients that accounts for many of the health benefits of coconut oil, and other essential oils. On the flip side, toxins and other chemicals can enter through the skin as well. Whatever you put on your skin gets in you body. All those lotions, the soaps, the chemicals in the clothes you're wearing and the sheets you sleep in. But I digress. The topic is showering, and how you can create better, healthier showering habits.

The next time you get in the shower, sit there for a minute and take notice of how the water smell, how it feels, what the shower head looks like. All these things are indications of what is in your water. Chances are, if you have any water filters in your house they are for your drinking water. Most people don't think about a filter for their shower head. Now, with the knowledge that what is on your skin gets in your body, don't you think it would be a good idea to have a filter for your shower? I do. Most water in California, and in the Bay Area is fluoridated, and many are chlorinated. Do not be misled by the reports saying fluoridation is normal and healthy for your teeth. Ingestion of fluoride, especially the chemical fluoride that is added to water, is not good for you. Yes, some natural fluoride is in water, but the chemical form that is added, is not meant to be in your body. The same goes for the chlorine that is added to the water. You all know what your skin feels like after being in a chlorinated pool, and what it smells like. You're probably not going to be taking a shower for as long as you spend in a pool, but it adds up when you shower everyday. And if you swim regularly, not only are you getting the chlorine from the pool, you are getting it from the shower as well. With summer approaching, and pool time increasing, this is something to be aware of; especially for children.

It is a simple fix to add a filter to your shower. Even better, if you have the resources, is to filter your entire house, or apartment complex. Better yet (though a little more expensive), use a reverse osmosis filter. But even better than that, find a way to get the city or county to start using reverse osmosis filtration, and stop adding fluoride and chlorine into the water. Did I mention that there have even been pharmaceutical drugs found in tap water? Let that one sink in for a moment. I know this article is about showering, but it cannot go without saying how important it is to get changes to happen on a bigger scale. Yes, protect yourself and your family, but at some point the system has to change. For now, filter your drinking water, filter your shower, and if you can, filter your whole house. It's worth it.

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