Core tenets of a healthy body, mind, and soul...           Study and try everything. Keep what is useful. Discard what is not.

McGill Big Three

Song Gong Loosening Exercises


Food for thought: Reading and Informational Resources (Some of the books have free pdf websites)

Mucus Free Life

Fruit for humans?

Challenge everything you know about health

YouTube: Sadhguru (Indian Mystic)

YouTube: Dr. Morse

Mucusless Diet Healing System

Rational Fasting

Medical Medium

Weston A. Price

Medicinal Mushrooms

*Please consult Dr. Schneider, or another healthcare professional if you are interested in exploring any of the above methods. These are merely for your information.

*Dr. Schneider is an ambassador for Soft Star Shoes, but receives no compensation from any company on the list. These are his recommendations based on years of trial and error, and his own experience.

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Move Well, Eat Well, Live Well